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Diane Bloomberg (Katkin)

Diane Bloomberg (Katkin)

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08/19/16 10:35 PM #10    

Ralph Finch

The loss of her smile, her friendship, leave a dark hole in my bleak memories of  high school of 1958.

That period of my life was a challenge, and remained to until I returned to the 50-year reunion. I went to it, expecting to know no one. I had memories of two pretty blonds, and neither knew me. Or so I thought. One indeed did not know me but, much to my surprise, the other stepped up to me and said, "Hello, Ralph ... I so enjoyed being in a class with you."
And what I expected to be a painful evening became delightful, and since then I would occasionally exchange an e-mail with Diane; her notes always brought a ray of sunshine and would brighten my day and chase away any gray memories of Mumford in '58.
Since the reunion, through the website and an occasional e-mail, seeing the name "Diane" automatically brought a bit of sunshine into my life.
I am 76, and often tell people: "Don't ask me what I had for breakfast ... I won't remember."
I will miss her. The world will miss her. And I will always remember her.


08/20/16 01:01 AM #11    

Ellen Robinson

I am also shocked to hear about Diane's death and offer my condolences to her family and those friends and classmates who were close friends. Diane and I became closer after getting to know each other later online and during my visits to Michigan. Her sister was in my sister's class and she in mine growing up. She was a very warm, caring person and stepped forward to let me know she remembered me and some times we spent together. She let me know she cared about me, my son and my family still in Michigan. She remains one of the special people among the classmates I reallly knew. I will miss her.

08/20/16 09:22 AM #12    

Mary Resnick (Schwartz)

I first met Diane at the Marjorie Hassard School of Dance when we took ballet and toe dancing lessons together.  We were about 10 years old and I admired her long blond hair and friendly smile.  We met again at Mumford and the reunions where she was always cordial, and still had that beautiful smile.  I am deeply saddened by her loss to her family and friends.

                                                                     Mary(Resnick) Schwartz

08/20/16 03:01 PM #13    

Harold Schneir


I was stunned and saddened to learn of Diane's

passing. We were close friends at Mumford;

geography prevented us from being closer.

At reunions we rekindled our friendship. Her

intelligence, beauty and sense of humor were

constant. I can see that full smile when I think

of her! I will truly miss her.

Hal Schneir

08/20/16 05:43 PM #14    

Linda Tann (Danto)

Diane was a very special person. We were in a group of friends together in high school. Although we did not see one another as adults except at the reunions I attended, we emailed on occasion. Diane was so thoughtful and kind.  Knowing that Sharon Tyner and I had been inseparable during junior high school and early high school and had always felt close although so far apart, Diane emailed me before posting the notice about Sharon's  passing so that I would have time to deal with the loss before it went on the web site. How many people do we know who would do something so caring when she, herself, was dealing with the loss of her dear friend?  

Diane, with her intelligence, wit, and thoughtfulness will be missed by all who had the good fortune to know her.





08/21/16 01:48 PM #15    

Carol Meltzer (Klein)

Childhood neighbor, Pasteur and Mumford classmate, friend, and as of late telephone buddy. Diane was a very funny, special, beautiful and caring lady. Words cannot express my sadness. Heartfelt condolences to her many friends and family. RIP ❤️

08/21/16 11:13 PM #16    

Daniel Marks

How very sad and so sudden. Diane was a fixture of my teen years. A beautiful, thoughtful person who I will remember fondly.Always a welcome and welcoming sight at all the reunions. She is alive in my mind!

                                       Dan Marks 

08/22/16 10:32 AM #17    

David Tasker

Diane was a classmate from grade school through high school and we remained friends to the day she passed.  A wonderful, intelligent, warm human being who I will miss greatly.

Dave Tasker

08/24/16 10:42 AM #18    

Harriet Rosen (Wilner)

I know we are getting older yet hard to accept how many of our friends and classmates have passed away. Our class reunions were wonderful over the years due to the efforts of Diane , Sharon and Jackie all who are no longer with us.  Memories live on.

10/18/16 09:53 PM #19    

Russi Welch (Cherry-Arden)

Today is two months since Diane is gone, and I miss her every day,She bought me a bracelet with half a heart that said "friends" She wore the other half of the heart. I can't imagine taking it off. It's rare that a friendship has such impact. She was amazing.

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