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Sharon Tyner (Rakotz)

Sharon Tyner (Rakotz)

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01/02/15 02:43 PM #2    

JoAnn Weissman (Fried)

So very sad to learn of the passing of Sharon Tyner Rakotz..... She will be sorely missed by everyone who worked on the reunions and I can only hope that the funny and loving memories of our high school days will help soothe our broken hearts.  ?xoxox JoAnn Weissman

01/03/15 08:12 AM #3    

Richard Komer

What a sweetheart, so very sad.  I just saw her and Michael last week at the movies, they looked so happyl. You will be missed, my heart goes out to your family and friends.

01/03/15 10:00 AM #4    

Barbara Rosenbloom (Wildstein)

I was just so upset to hear the very sad news. My sympathy goes out to her family. Sharon was such a special person and it hurts me to send this message. I recently received a message from her and she was a very thoughtful and lovely person.She will be sadly missed. 

01/03/15 12:38 PM #5    

Judith Cohen (Goldstein)

Sharon was a special person who gave much time and energy to our class of '58. She will be missed by many. May her memory be for a blessing. Heartfelt condolences to her family and many friends.

01/04/15 03:43 PM #6    

Linda Tann (Danto)

My dear old friend, Sharon,

With great sadness, I just watched your funeral service on line from California.  We were inseparable as preteens and teens.  Over the years, although we so rarely saw one another, it was as though we had never been apart.  You have always held a very special place in my heart.  You will be missed but the fun we had together,,the silly stupid things we did together, are just like yesterday in my memory.  Rest comfortably, dear friend. 

01/05/15 05:22 PM #7    

Michael Friedman

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Sharon, Mike Parr & a bunch of other folks a couple of months ago.  It was wonderful to see how sweet the relationship was that she and Mike had formed.  It just make me realize how important it is to cherish whatever time we are given to be with our loved ones.  I know this will be a difficult time for Mike as well as Sharon's family & many other friends, and my thoughts are with them all. Although I only saw her rarely over the years and briefly, she was always a joy to be with. She will be missed.


Michael Friedman

01/05/15 08:36 PM #8    

Burton Schwartz

Burt and I watched the memorial service yesterday,  from Florida,  where Rabbi Krakoff delivered a beautiful eulogy about Sharon.  I knew Sharon from grade school and all the way through high school.  She was always friendly, personable, and caring.  My sincerest condolences are extended to her family and friends.  May she rest in peace.

                                                                           Mary Resnick Schwartz

01/06/15 12:06 PM #9    

Sharon Bez (Ruzumna)

I remember that in Bagley Elementary School, there were four 'Sharons" in our class, and she and I were two of them! It was a special bond that I will never forget, and beyond that, I remember Sharon as a spirited, friendly, and dear person. Although I only saw her most recently at reunions, her loss has touched me deepely, and I send my condolences to her family and loved ones. I know she will be missed.

01/06/15 04:08 PM #10    

Ellen Robinson

I was so sad to hear about Sharon's death. My sister, Dorothy Hack, called to tell me because she knew of my fond feelings and the special relationship I had with her from Bagley Elementary (Sharon, Judy, and me), on and off throughout the years up to our last messages after the 55th Florida Reunion. As I watched the funeral video from here, in Florida, I appreciated that Sharon had such a wonderful, full life. She was someone who was always very caring to me and always seemed "present" with friends and family. I consider myself fortunate to have been on the receiving end of that caring friendship.

My condolences to her family and to Michael. It is so devastating to experience a life so full of promise to be ended so quickly.

01/26/15 10:13 AM #11    

Russi Welch (Cherry-Arden)

I was on the 55th reunion commitee with Sharon, and we had a lovely lunch together with Diane Katkin this past summer. It's always a shock when one of "ours" passes. She will be missed by many.

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